My Band

Dig my voice?  Please check out my band based in Las Vegas – Fans of Jimmy Century!  If you are a popular YouTuber and Social Media Influencer/Tastemaker, contact me now to find out how you can get a free Voice Over in exchange for a shoutout from you about my band and music on your popular social media platform.

Alicia also heads up the modwave, noirwave, indie dance original band Fans of Jimmy Century.   The FOJC song “Delicate Fever” was most recently heard in the Warner Bros. film “Get Hard,” starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.  In 2013 Fans of Jimmy Century were signed to Universal Music Group who distributed their single “Va Va Voom to the Moon.”  They left the label soon after for more creative control and self-released newest singles “Lips On Mine,” and “Blackout,” which were featured on the Grammy ballot in the Electronic Dance Music and Pop categories.  The FOJC song “Hot Sahara” was also up for a Grammy nomination at the start of their career.  Past TV, Film, and Advertising placements for the band also include “Bad Teacher (Columbia),” “Hall Pass (Warner Bros),” “Finding Nemo 3D (Disney/Pixar),” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Gossip Girl,” “Ray Donovan,” “Melrose Place,” “Ugly Betty,” “XO Betsey Johnson,” “The L Word,” E News Live, Forever 21, Roxy, and Google.  The band has recently performed live for Gulfstream Aerospace, Cirque du Soleil, a residency at the Palms Resort and Casino, and many others.   Alicia re-located to Las Vegas from San Francisco in September of 2011 after writing the song “Mr. Las Vegas,” and is seeking to begin production on a feature film by the same name starring the band alongside top Vegas entertainers, DJs, artists, and local influencers and tastemakers.